These are concepts found in the Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. I originally summarized the concepts and what I found interesting about them in a blog post, but considering my classmates may be the only ones reading my blog, I left it out.

The Social Technographics Profile:

What I found interesting about the profile is how it teaches companies to realize that there are different types of online users who make up the WWW. Everyone uses the Internet in various ways, whether it is to just read information or contribute information. There are creators, conversationalists, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, and inactives. Once a company acknowledges this, it can combine this information with the usual research and marketing techniques of taking into account gender, age, and so forth. By using the profile, companies can target the right audience with the right social media.


This is when POST (People, Objective, Strategy, and Technology) comes in, which is a 4-step planning process for a company to incorporate social media into its business. I found it to be a simple, helpful, and innovative process that eases a company into Web 2.0. A company should identify its customers and their online habits using the Social Technographics Profile (people), know their purpose for using a social media platform, whether it be to market products or energize its customers (objective), and establish or change the kind of relationship they want with their customers (strategy). Based on P, O, and S, a company can then choose the appropriate social media platform. This will save time, energy, and money for a company. Of course it’s not bullet proof, but it’s a start.


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